Sunday, April 29, 2012

One "Coinkydink" Too Many?

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Let's see: Breitbart drops dead, with no prior sign of illness or distress, at age 43, walking home the evening before he had scheduled the first of a series of revelations as to Barack's background [particularly on his youth and in his presumed path through higher education and in his connections with both the CPUSA and the Saudi sponsored "scholarships" that greased his way]. To alleviate suspicion as to his death the Coroner's office in LA carries out an autopsy which ends up reporting that" [a] There were no traces of drugs [b] Slight traces of alcohol [c] Some incipient heart disease ...and [d] that he died of "heart failure". Okey dokey....we'll ignore how the report ignored the question of what caused his heart to fail. After all, "incipient" means "advanced", or 'serious", eh?....The science is settled, and we do capisce what Pepe means by that phrase. ..... ...But then we find out that a member of the examination team, who apparently had contested the conclusion, is poisoned to death on the evening of the publication of the report. ....Now that, as Chicago would say, is one fucking hell of big fucking Coinkydink. Truly impressive; how the Odds are always in thy favor, O Obamakles.

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Tecumseh said...

"Poisoned by arsenic"? Why, that happens every day. Nothing to see there, just MoveOn.