Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ah, Chicago Style. Know when to offer Da Sweet and Da Sour to cover up da Shit on da Plate

The Miracle of Coinkydink So, after a couple of weeks where Univision: [a] Gave Obama a taste of what a real interview, with real non-Pravda questions, and without the usual Pravda perfuming, is all about. [b] Univision's reports on "Fast and Furious" reminded people just how viciously corrupt and power hungry this administration has been from the git go.....lo, and behold, the wonderment of it all, The One has observed the radiant qualities of Univision's owner's lovely bride and knows a UN Ambassador when he sees one. Obamakles promised The Most Transparent Presidency Evah! And this is pretty damn transparent. How long, do you wager, before Univision finds a "new found respect" for Da One?

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Mr roT said...

Where's the deport them all label?