Sunday, October 28, 2012


Darwish describes The Saudirian Candidate During the 2008 campaign, in an interview with Stephanopoulos, Hussein confesses to "my Muslim faith". Which the good Party Line trooper quickly 'corrects' him of. Here, for example, A Rare Moment of Obamanian Transparency ............................. So, Noni, you might have taken him at his word, at least some four years ago. Although the whole Pakistan episode, and Obama's attempts to erase it from the record, should have given you pause. And the "Wright Church" should have given you much pause [remember that Wright set up his Church as a useful political tool in Chicago for those who were from Islam or the Nation of Islam --as was Wright-- but wished to have cover for influential political play in Chicago and American politics], and, of course, there is always "Dreams from my Father", where Obama recounts how the most beautiful sound he's ever heard is the call of the Muezzin to prayer. Plus all those lies about never having been a Muslim when we have pictures of him as a boy winning prizes for the memorization of the Quran at a madrassah in Indonesia......For instance ...... at least the awful evidence of Obama's policy as regards Islam Militant, where the Islamic Brotherhood is our "Ally" and where we side with the Mullahs in annihilating the Green revolt, finally got through to Darwish, and in this regard she shows herself far more sane, and observant, and far more on the side of freedom, and this nation, than 90% of our University professors and the whole line of commissars and apparatchiks who maintain the MSM Party Line. ...........................It takes The Village

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