Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Hieronymus Bosch landscape

Triptych at the Academie für Bildenden Künste in Vienna.


Tecumseh said...

Tasmania looking better and better.

Tecumseh said...

Heck, I'll even take Palau.

Tecumseh said...

The stark question posed by the country’s unmistakable drift to the left is, does America have a future? Can we once again become a beacon of freedom, or will talented young Americans be forced to look elsewhere for opportunity? Barack Obama’s budget–the one that was too extreme to garner a single vote in either the House or the Senate–projects that in four years, we will have a $20 trillion debt. That debt will be paid off by a relatively small minority of our young people, the most productive. If you were in that category, and had to make a choice between staying in the United States and inheriting a debt that could well be $1 million or more, and starting fresh in another country, what would you do?