Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Bush keeps on Burning

The House that Reagan Did Not Build This quote of Gorbachev's is completely consistent with the remarks I've personally heard from the two members of the House of Bush I've known. They respected Reagan, and those who were in accord with him, about as much as Romney & Rove respect the Tea Party. In the aftermath of the triumph of Obama, the RINO's are in full press mode to make their little club free of any vestiges of Reagan or Tea Party. Just as the Tories went full blast to eradicate the followers of Thatcher after her political demise. England is now a proudly sclerotic, decadent, thuggish Tryanny a'growin', with a Tory prime minister who is indistinguishable from his Labor brethren. So goes the Future, as dreamt by the Frumious Rinosnatch.

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