Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charly dons a pink T-shirt and a Hèrmes scarf

And don't forget the obligatory Louis Vuitton pirate buckle shoes.


Arelcao Akleos said...

As long as it is just those idiot Catholics and bourgeoisie who protest against this bill, fully expect it to be rammed down their throats with Kaylian lust.
But, one day, not in the distant future, while Charly is dreaming his Opium dreams, Islam will flex its muscle, and draw its sword, on this issue.
Then watch the Pepeans tremble and scramble to be the first to bow.

Tecumseh said...

Pepe at the wheel:

What we are seeing in France, as elsewhere in Europe, is the collapse of the welfare state.
President Hollande thinks the solution to his country’s severe deficits, huge debt, loss of competitiveness and economic stagnation, is more tax revenue, more financial stimulus, and more government generally …. you know the drill. But France’s fiscal problems, like our own, are a symptom of too much, not too little, government.

The complaining business executives have no one to blame but themselves. For decades, the business elite supported the welfare state unflinchingly. Record levels of government spending were possible because the government gave incentives to banks so they would buy the government bonds that sustained the spending. Spending would not have doubled in France in the last two decades were it not for the complicity of the elites.

Versailles über alles.

Tecumseh said...

Charly tries on a new attire. Very French.