Saturday, August 25, 2012

Coanda didn't make curry?

In India, English is the base language but there are vehement reactions coming from European or American clients on the strong Indian accent that stands out from every conversation and makes communication difficult. From this standpoint Romania is SPECIAL!

This chick has never heard Tecs speak his English.

Sanskar: It is true that Romanian’s [sic] are professional in more than 2 languages that is one of the great thing, thanks to EU and great cooperation between various European countries. 

Tecs embraces the EU and hates Thatcher now, though this Romanian doesn't seem to get the difference between a possessive and a plural. Reagan's next to the doghouse.


Tecumseh said...

Did you steal my link from here, and posted the story as yours, Herr Fareed?

Tecumseh said...

As for your question in the title: I don't know about Coanda making curry, but I do know that Curry was granted a patent on the Coanda oil-water separator. Poww.

Mr roT said...

Was in the comments, macht nichts.

Tecumseh said...

Spinning like a top, as usual.

Mr roT said...

Weep. And pay.