Friday, August 24, 2012

Tecs shoots the ultimate video that will make Mr Rot go apeshit ballistic


Mr roT said...

I think that Tesla invented the pula.

Tecumseh said...

That's a city in Istria, where he was from. So, how did you like my clip?

Mr roT said...

I liked it a lot and want to go there. Good guys remembered that "Romania" (misspelling "Roumania" so as not to rattle Tecs' cage) is a fount of killer babes.

On the other side of things, they do try to perpetuate the fiction that Henry-Louise Coanda invented the gas turbine rather than just the dishwasher, and also forget to bring up the genius of Béla Bartók since they're nekulturny, as is Tecs, though he does deign to appreciate the composer's Rumanian Dances.
Furthermore, they neglect to mention the "Romance in Romania [sic]" story of Simon Winchester, deleting the masterpiece that the land itself gestated and brought forth.
Nekulturny-er than Tecs: an achievement!

Mr roT said...

Also about "Romania," land of babes, the blondie from AA's and my past place of employment was from Kishinev, also known by "Chişinău," in some unused language called Coandese.