Friday, August 31, 2012

Hannibal Lecter restraints are a Stalinist plot, says Mr Rot

Pepe on the fainting couch.


Mr roT said...

The media/Dem frameup and kangaroo court trial of Romney smacks of commie innuendo and character assassination, but, no doubt, Tecs will launch into a cost-benefit analysis of the differing ways of seizing power and keeping the serfs quiet.

Tecumseh said...

You're still smarting after my cost-benefit analysis of Lubyanka dungeons vs Gulag concentration camps vs sluggish schizophrenia psychiatric wards, are you?

You should first read Ferguson, and then we can talk. I know, I know, you read Diamond, and you tried to convince me to read his books, too, but why should I do it? You didn't quite explain to me convincingly enough why I should plunk down a fistful of hard-earned dollars for that.