Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Katyn in negative.

Almost everyone has murder in his ancestors' veins. It's mostly a matter of how recently it flowed fresh.


Tecumseh said...

You diggin' at new depths, in order to justify your support for the coverup of the Katyn massacre.

Mr roT said...

An explication de texte: Everyone has a chance to play the whining victim at the expense of someone else. This week's special guest is Poland.
I detest this because, in my neck of the woods when I was growing up, the Mexican immigrants would complain of ethnic discrimination, but would cynically stay around for the jobs. My Dad would say to them,"Go back home, then."
This victim game is a fucking bore and it's become an art form that everyone indulges in and few resist for fear of being labeled insensitive. The winners are shitheads like Obama that win the guilt game and the losers are those that work, produce, and are ripped off.
We could have some catharsis at the expense of someone else besides the Russians, for example. The Poles weren't always saints, as you know, being from Romania, so they made some victims too, and their whining about Katyn is small potatoes compared to what the Red Chinese and others committed in the service of the same ideology.

Arelcao Akleos said...

The Russians/Soviets have gotten off really really really easy for the Communist era mass murdering. Heck, the Communists have gotten off really really really easy.
Yet you're bored the "victim game" with 'em? Your Wiener komraden ever shown any sign of caring a whit for any victim of Communism?
It would a day to make Pepean Pigs Fly over Mecca before the Communists would be held to 1/10 the responsibility that the National Socialists were held to.
But one does understand, Herr Rott, how nuanced and sophisticated one's sensitivities must be for the right to citizenship along the banks of that River Charly.

Arelcao Akleos said...

By the way, there were Poles who abetted turning in their Jewish brothers to the Death Camps, and there were Poles who abetted turning in their Polish brothers to the Death Camps [about 3 million non-jewish Poles died in them], and their were Poles who abetted turning in their Polish brothers to Death at the hands of the Soviets.... When it came to murdering Poles there was many a Pole who went for "may the Devil take the hindmost" Rottean School of Rational Policy.
But the Devil was not the Pole, it was the Socialist to the Left of 'em and the Socialist to the Right of 'em.
However, Herr Rott is BORED, and thinks its high time that that Banach guy stop his caterwauling and let the worms eat him in humble quietude.

Mr roT said...

I don't think the Poles are asking for cash while reminding the world of past injustices like the American reparation types. It's Tecs that seems to be saying that he wants to show how pitiful the Eastern Europeans are after the Soviet burning, and apparently the US taxpayer should give everyone there free stuff, like everyone else on the right side got. Apparently, Romania or Poland or whoever du jour has a giftbox coming because the bastard Soviets treated them badly.
That BS is the kind that I can't stand. They're asking for payback on a theft open for a long time that we didn't even owe, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
More specifically to your finger-pointy question, Vienna is crawling with Serbs, Romanians, and Czechs. They're used and abused for cheap labor like anyone else in the borderlands between the first and third worlds, their own capitals teeming with whorehouses catering to foreigners. They don't bitch about their circumstances because they feel fortunate to have jobs. When I see a filthy street here, it's because one of these former subjects of Tito [a synecdoche] is running a filthy fast food stand. I admire their tenacity and work ethic, but they ought to assimilate, as should Mexican-Americans, who ought to quit whining and start working harder.

The Soviets' kids are dirt-poor now and all their best minds are in the USA, many in shitboston, where they'll learn the nuances of charlythink as soon as they look for a job. The Russians used to be contenders. Why do you think they didn't lose out in this deal more than Tecs' crowd did, AA? They's something left of Romania while there's no Russia left except for wife-export and similar industry in girls. Check Russia's economic output if you're not put off with such sophistries as numbers, as Tecs seems to be of late.

Yeah, the Poles and Ukrainians were pretty goddamned willing executioners. I think the Romanians didn't play that shit. But as a Russian would say, that is different story. I brought it up because this damned finger-wagging that Pepe mocked is back. He was right about that, if nothing else.