Tuesday, September 11, 2012

roT wets his pants!

Glorious. Old junkWhen Coanda forgot his recip.


Tecumseh said...

Great plane, the F15: one of the best ever. Then again, it first flew in July 1972. More than 40 years ago. A spring chicken when compared with the B52, which is almost as old as the Coanda plane, but still kicking.

Of course, once we come across the fiscal cliff in January, and the sequester kicks in, the cuts in military procurement will be absolutely devastating. (Remember when Mr Rot was pooh-poohing the huge increase in fighter jets Putin just set in place for the Russian Air Force, on account of his mistaking total military budget for procurement budget? Mais passons, like the Frenchie say.) Here's what will happen if nothing will be done about it (a scenario that looks more likely by the day):

On November 14, 2011, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta wrote a letter to Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham explaining the ramifications of the full sequestration defense cuts. Should these cuts take place over the next 10 years, he said, the United States would be left with its smallest ground force since World War II; the smallest Navy since 1915; the smallest fighter force in the history of the Air Force; and the smallest civilian work force in the Defense Department's history.

Ululululu, says Pepe. While Mr Rot is left with singing paeans to the coverup of the Katyn massacre, and the sellout at Yalta. Way to go.

Mr roT said...

One old F-15 can take out half the Russian Air Collective. Ours have our missiles. Their missiles still cook vacuum tubes that they buy surplus in Chinese flea markets, designed in maquiladoras.
You make the call.

Mr roT said...

Readings on the path to Manhood is the subtitle to the book, believe it or not.
Has Bennett embraced the gay life or has he dropped the pretense of knowing English?
Safire would never have made this hilarity in a book, much less on the cover.