Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A profile in courage.


Tecumseh said...

Counterpoint: Apologizing to the mob storming our Embassy on 9/11.

Mr roT said...

Kraut would've been a better president that the weaselly pseudo-intellect shithead we've got, but the electorate made its retarded decision, perhaps fearing the anti-strategic honesty that Kraut would bring to the office. A mind superior to Goldwater's and a mouth likely more dangerous (fatal?) to conservatives' getting elected.
Actually, Reagan toned that Goldwatery conservative stuff down to keep the moderates, as you may recall.
The strategic voting idea is likely giving said electorate way too much credit. More likely, this was intended as a statement of solidarity with stupid, coasting, sycophantic Harvard slackers of approximately the right pigmentation as some kind of reparation for long past sins.