Sunday, September 09, 2012

Going for the strong horse, eh?

Gotta go with the flow, man.


Arelcao Akleos said...

The Dems are the Barbarians. They lust for power over others and the opportunities for pillaging it offers, and they are true to their lusts.
The GOP-on-Potomac are the corrupt "guardians" who betray their principles and the nation for the transient pleasures of sharing a measure of the spoils as reward for ceding the reins of power to the Barbarians.
One is the straightforward, honest, evil of being true to the depravity of their nature. The other is evil born of treason,
Sure, Bush, Rove, McCain, Romney, et al, are just individual members of the whole sorry sordid Versaillean mess. But, you know, Fuck 'em all to Hell.

Mr roT said...

Queering the USA. Congratulations, fruits. Just as we have fixed the underrepresentation of women in the sciences by sending all straight, male scientists to exile, conservatives will be sent off to provide salt for the right-thinking sodomites.

Of course, Tecs was on the cusp of all this and pulled hard for Romney, apparently knowing then that a vote for Romney was a vote for Harvbama.

Tecs wins, world civilization loses. But we knew all that.

Tecumseh said...

Scarborough piles on.

Mr roT said...

I thought that in Tecsese, the proper locution is "piles up." Perhaps there's no time-translation invariance or you've got a rapidly advancing case of Alzheimer's disease.

Either way, be informed that your tab has grown.

Tecumseh said...

Plies up and piles on are basically interchangeable locutions for me. I just flip a coin when using them. It's a bit like "that" vs "which": who the heck knows exactly when to use one or the other? Again, just go with the flow, and don't worry.

Mr roT said...

Plies up and piles on are basically interchangeable locutions for me.
2 qualifications, 1 sentence. Only question left is, "How many pinkos and cups are there"?