Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Allah Akhbar, Gendarmes, it's all about The Children!

Yeah, and the Saudis are Ever Our Friends and Allies, and pigs fly over a crescent moon, of limburger cheese, at dawn.


Tecumseh said...

Charly is shocked, shocked! I bet you a euro-dime that he was convinced that the shooter was a Neo-Nazi Amish.

Tecumseh said...

Inspector Clouzeau is on the case:
Pour un ancien du RAID, l'unité de recherche, d'assistance, d'intervention et de dissuasion de la police nationale, le verdict est sans appel: "Ça a merdé." [..] les policiers n'ont pas atteint leur objectif de départ: une intervention éclair. Manifestement, ils ne sont pas parvenus à prendre par surprise Mohammed Merah, 24 ans.

Tecumseh said...

Post-mortem: in 2010 Mr Merah forced a teenager to watch videos of Al-Qaeda hostage beheadings and executions. When the boy's mother filed a legal complaint, Mr Merah allegedly appeared with a sword shouting "al Qaeda" and attacked her, putting her in hospital for several days. She insisted the police did nothing.

But of course. Day at the office.