Sunday, March 25, 2012

This, of Course, WAS Bush's Fault

[....although of course Obama would like this kind of fault]

About as reassuring as hearing, in 1942, that the head of the OSS was a convert to National Socialism who looked forward to its implementation in this nation but found Adolf's methods excessive and counterproductive to the aims of the creed.

The House of Bush was fatally compromised, from the start, with this "wot". It's friendship and personal/political/financial alliance with the House of Saud [and this included a strong friendship with members of the House of Bin Laden] has blinded, has misled, may well have directly sabotaged, our efforts, and most importantly so at the start, when it was essential to convey to this nation who it was who attacked us and what system of thought compelled that attack: Islam.
Islam openly expresses its goal to be the imposition of Islam over everyone, and to extirpate from the face of the Earth the ways of the Infidel. And, yes, this to be extirpated includes our founding vision of a Free Republic and its radical notion of the Rights of Man, and of the freedom to pursue individual happiness untrammeled by the dictates of Lords of Versailles [be they dressed with secular or clerical finery].
After 9/11 the goal was expressed via the clear spelling out of its religious justification for the attack on Dar al Harb. This was led by the central clerics of the two major lines of Islam, Sunni and Shia, and by the direct support of their mosques for material and propagandistic action, but also by "Secular" Islam's embrace of that justification, and its engagement in support in these attacks.

Why, even within the House of Saud, Ever Our Friends and Allies, you might have had some quiet little subtle,hard to discern, "read carefully the tea leaves of WaPo" support for elements of the Jihad against us.........

And our "Top Guy", appointed by the House of Bush, turns out to be the Louis Ciphre of this age....and for us there will be Hell to pay.

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Tecumseh said...

By the way, asks Andy McCarthy, what the heck are we still doing in Afghanistan? Besides pissing away blood and treasure, for no discernible tactical or strategic purpose?