Sunday, August 05, 2012

An Israeli that's as stupid as the American vacuumheads.

Yes we can!


Arelcao Akleos said...

"Back then, Americans and Israelis talked about democracy, human rights, respect for other nations and human solidarity.....

Listening to today’s political discourse, one can’t help but notice the radical change in tone."

Yep. All he has to do is listen to Obamakles, or our Professors, or the MSM Party Line.

Democracy? Sounds suspiciously limiting of Rule by Versailleans.

Human Rights? Hey, watch your language peasant. Next thing you'll be doing is waving that RWN Bill of Rights all about.

Respect for other nations? This is a Global Age, rube. We likes dem Laws and Political entities Vast and Powerful and safe from dem stinking peasants. Give me Caliphate, man. Give me Eurasia, Big Brother.

Human solidarity? Heeyah, yes, Like with them Juice. Humans should be all solid like about eliminating dat Juice stuff. Den dem Christers. Den dem folks who don't Love Big Islam. Den...[it's a long long row down that River Charly].

The author has so beautifully captured the pathology of things. Kudos to dat Kibbitzer.

Mr roT said...

AA, you're right that he steps on all the right stones. Also, as you know, he missteps on each one.