Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dr Laura not too happy

Don't worry, be happy, says Mr Rot.


Mr roT said...

“Scott Walker is right. The Romney campaign, so far, has been too timid.”

Id est, x=x.

Send her a Ph.D., Tecs!

Tecumseh said...

Laura Ingraham is a tough cookie. Here is a wiki story on her:

As a Dartmouth undergraduate, she was a staff member of the independent conservative newspaper, The Dartmouth Review. In her senior year, she was the newspaper's editor-in-chief, its first female editor. She wrote a few controversial articles during her tenure, notably an article alleging racist and unprofessional behavior by a Dartmouth music professor Bill Cole. Cole responded by harassing Ingraham's dormitory roommate and inciting anger against her in one of his classes. Cole later sued Ingraham for $2.4 million; the college paid for his lawyer. He ceased the lawsuit in 1985.

Arelcao Akleos said...

She's tough. Fought off her cancer [ten years or so ago?] while hardly missing a step in her public career and in entering into a family.
Very nice, wry sense of humor as well.

Tecumseh said...

She's much better than Coulter. More intelligent, more analytical, and more consistent.

Mr roT said...

Coulter kicks Ingraham's ass here. In fact, she reads almost like Krauthammer.