Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mexico Makes in History in being sacrificed to the Yankee Gods

Herr Rott Seethes in His Own Private Rotterdamerung ...........And the Mexicans had set it the game as the Celebration for their Olympic about pissing in da Rotter's pot. Bad Day for La Raza Enough to make a Sinoloa hitman weep.................... And Weep the Hitman does and, for da coup de grace, da Guardian rubs salt into the wounds Salt Burns the Pride of La Raza


Tecumseh said...

Man, oh, man! You're really swinging at da Rotter. But remind me: why would anyone pay attention to a bunch of guys kicking aimlessly a ball in Estadio Azteca? And, after all the tempestad e ímpetu, a puny 0-1 score? Me, I'd rather swill a cool Harpoon, and try to figure out why the heck the CD commutes.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Well, in football Mexico has long dominated the sport in central and north america, and even though the USA has developed into quite a strong side in the last couple of decades it was a point of high pride for "El Tri" that never ever had da gringos been able to defeat 'em in Mexico, never mind in their great sacrificial Temple, holding up to 120,000 known as the Azteca. It was the one certainty in their minds....never would the USA win in their Holy of Holies.
So, 1-0 or 100-0, this Ragnarok of La Raza is such sweet music to the long dissed yankee footballer.
By the way, it is perfectly ok to swill Harpoon in honor of this victory. Even if the commuting CD transposes mysteriously to DC.