Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something to Think About

A Meeting of Minds among the Ummah Fuehrer Egypt has realized Qutb's wetdream, and Morsi is intoxicated with his newfound power. MadJad and the Qomical Mullahs are feeling the pressure of time as they seek to build sufficient nuclear weaponry to act on their aims before their embittered citizenry can act more forcefully against the Islamic Republic. The House of Saud, and the clerics of Whahabi, have gained much from their most self-serving alliance with Versailles-on-Potomac, but may well have calculated that the gain from this alliance may well be past the point that its betrayal is not more advantageous. Or they may calculate that the most useful and compliant Obama adminstration perhaps will not survive past this year, and that with Romney would come a most unwelcome retrenchment. Yet never has the "Great Satan" been so weak, so in disarray. Never has the "Zionist Entity" been so alone, so surrounded by a pure circle of hatred from such well armed Believers. Never have the objective conditions of what is possible been so bloodily enticing...... ...They all have so much to talk about, face to face, away from the electronic web that only serves to inform attentive ears. So, Comrades, what is it that these gentle souls that lead the Ummah must discuss?

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