Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Will for Cruz.

Of course,Tecs says,"Deport."


Tecumseh said...

Wilson won with 41.8 percent of the vote (to TR’s 27.4 percent). Taft won 23.2 percent, carrying only Vermont and Utah, but achieved something far grander than a second term: the preservation of the GOP as an intellectual counterbalance to the Democrats’ thorough embrace of progressivism and the “living” — actually, disappearing — Constitution.

A moving (and interesting) story. I had not heard it told like that before.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Jonah Goldberg wrote on this in "Liberal Fascism"

Mr roT said...

Tecs, yes. Will has a bigger scope than others sometimes. He must have gotten it while frolicking on the green at Princeton with Kim Strassel.
I bet the pinkos are hopping mad that those interlopers are in their Mecca's holy of the holies.
AA, I usually avoid the preaching-to-the-choir writers, but sometimes Goldberg is pretty good. I think of him as a version of Steyn for easier reading and fewer digressions about old Broadway smash hits about gay men.
Also, I find Goldberg incontinent. Think about the title "Liberal Fascism." It's about the same as the pinkos' chants about W, but they confined that to marches through Massachusetts and San Francisco.