Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dems on a new tack. It's the same as the old tack.

Lehman said her biggest concern about the election itself is voter-identification laws that Republicans have pushed through in a number of states, including Kansas.
She said the purpose is to suppress the vote, especially among Democratic-leaning constituencies such as elderly voters. And she scorned the Republicans’ contention that the laws are designed to combat voter fraud.
“It’s like Hitler said, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and if you tell it often enough and say it in a loud enough voice, some people are going to believe you,” Lehman said.

Wasn't that Goebbels yesterday? The Dems are really reading up on the Nazis these days. It's the first time that many have been interested in a real intellectual pursuit like history, probably.


Tecumseh said...

A new identity in Pepean Logick:

Voter ID laws =
Nuremberg Laws.

What's next in this genre?

Arelcao Akleos said...

Enforcing Voter ID Laws=WarCrime?

Tecumseh said...

Sounds plausible.

Tecumseh said...

A new identity. Boy, the supply is unbounded.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Ernst Rhamer's Chicago Shirts at work.