Wednesday, September 05, 2012

La Raza Unida


Mr roT said...

Where's the "Deport them all" label?

Tecumseh said...


Mr roT said...

In a strange plot-twist, Tecs gains a checkmate against roT. VCP for the guy that never pays, i.e. Tecs, shockingly.

Tecumseh said...

OK, OK, now that we dispensed with the usual inanities, what do you think of this Castro, who's obviously meant to be the pinko counterpart to Rubio?

Note one little difference in upbringing: Rubio's parents fled Castro's Cuba to make a new life in Florida, whereas Castro's mother is a founding member of La Raza, that sought to create a separate country—Aztlan—in the Southwest, one of whose prominent members, Jose Angel Gutierrez, declared back in 1969 that “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to worst, we have got to kill him.”

Now, OK, you can't judge a man by his parents, but by his own deeds. Still, the new style in politics seems to require a long paean to the humble origins, and the role played by the parents in the upbringing of said politician. (I can't stand this new style, I much preferred the old fashioned one, when one just talked business, and left the touchy-feely stuff out. But that's how the world is nowadays.) At any rate, if you do make such a big deal of the influence of your parents (like this guy did, talking forever about his mommy, and how she helped him out), then I think one should also own up to the political legacy that one was imparted, no?

Mr roT said...

Back in '69 there were plenty Anglo pinkos calling for armed insurrection, even at nice places like UC Berkeley.
Those assholes had no legitimate complaint but got duped by the workers' paradise spiel too. Their descendants are today's Democrats and are still doing serious damage to the U.S.A.

I much preferred the old fashioned one, when one just talked business, and left the touchy-feely stuff out.
Do the words "I was born in a house my father built," ring a bell?

Actually, politicians' characters have always been discussed in electoral campaigns, and even in ancient Rome, where senators would gossip about opponents' sodomy and marital infidelities. Obama will never own up to any of his political pre-history, and no one ever does.

About the sedition that Castro's mother, or whatever, committed, there are laws against that, and if any of these were broken, the old bitch should rot in Leavenworth till the bars on the cages rust through and break open, assuming there's a conviction, of course.

Tecumseh said...

I wasn't talking about anything illegal: I very much doubt there was, and whatever happened back in the late '60s, it was not comparable to what someone like, say, Ayer, did.

And, sure, one should judge and weigh a man's character against his deeds.

What I'm bitching about are these long bio tear-jerkers that have become a sine-qua-non of modern American political speeches. But even in this genre, if you're going to bring up all that stuff as bona-fides (again, why?), then one should also be prepared to discuss the political ramifications that that may entail.

Counterpoint to that theme: Romney by and large has tried to stay away from this kind of shit. But, of course, one of his opponents (some governor from Montana or thereabouts, I think) saw fit to dredge up the polygamy canard about one of his great-great-great parents.

I'm not sure I have a point about all this, but bottom line is, this is the kind of crap one talks about when a country is on the skids.

Mr roT said...

Agree here, Tecs, wholeheartedly. But, in America, politics has always been hardball and we were ok when it was Jefferson and Madison throwing the low punches.
The soft-focus bullshit is a symptom of the flabby feel-goodism, human interest, and infotainment language of all discussion now.
Politics can't speak a language foreign to the cheap seats at the arena, those idiots vote and have those tastes.
I've been saying since the inauguration of FCP that the US body politic is sick to dying, both for its pitiful understanding of political institutions, but also for its contempt for our antecedents.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Blah blah blah. Fuck the arguments "Touchier and Feelier than Thou"

I'll just note that Obama was the offspring of Communist parents and raised to have full contempt for democracy and individual freedom. And I believe he believes it.

I didn't hear what Castro spewed, so I don't know if he believes what his parents believed. But I'll just note that the Dems don't have a hell of a track record of the spawn swimming far from the creature that shat them out.