Thursday, June 28, 2012

Willful optimism

from G. F. Will.


Mr roT said...

A similar game of chicken from another Conservative with (too much?) faith in the US electorate.

Arelcao Akleos said...

The Republican establishment [and it is the establishment types, not the Tea Party, that is drinking this tasteless brand of kool aid] can spin all it wants, but they are only blowing smoke out their butts.... this was a huge victory for AmeriSoc, and well worth whatever they spent/brought to bear on sorry ol' Roberts' noggin.
The means to destroy this country is now in place. Motive is as clear as an Obamaklean speech to the SEIU. It would take remarkable determination and clarity of purpose by the GOP to undo this, and it would require it be done within a year.
Having seen Chicago in action, and then seen the non-Reagan GOP prancing and posing as if it might act, there ain't any illusions on my part as to who the strong horse is.

Mr roT said...

I have no faith in tea party rubes. The USA needs a couple people seeking power with brains, not just a bunch of slogans and mixed religions about liberty and other abstractions.
Don't get me wrong; I detest Romney and always have. Not my kind of hollow man.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Leaving aside the idiocy in considering the Tea Party as a collection of "rubes" [feel free to call David Gelernter a rube, then], the requirement is not for you to have "faith" but to think about who has the will, and vision, and the courage and means to act on that will and vision, to preserve this nation as a free Republic. There is much brain power in the Tea Party, as much as there was in that "rabble" which fought off the King's armies in the Revolution, even if most of its leadership would curl the lips of any proper Salonista--be it by the River Charles or by Schroedinger's bust in Wien.
In the standard GOP there is no more to make a stand with than there is in the Tories. The only movement that has fought back, and with any measure of success, is exactly the Tea Party. If it can become the new face of the GOP, then there will at least be a political battle. If the standard GOP succeeds in getting the madding crowd to chant "rube, rube,rube" then the Left will simply run through opposition as would a Chicago police line through the cast of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.
Liberty is not an abstraction, Herr Rott, it is the stuff of life. Perhaps if you had the pleasure of growing up in a dictatorship, even a mild one, and then had the "bad luck" to move to 1970's USA, you would felt more powerfully just how immediate and unabstract liberty is.

Tecumseh said...

This rube does not take it on the noggin' lying down.