Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mann not happy with Steyn


Mr roT said...

The “Jerry Sandusky of climate science.”
Pretty funny. If he's the Sandusky, then who's the hunky QB?
I am afraid it's time to projectile-vomit about American society/culture.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Can you believe, Herr Rott, that 40 years ago this America was a nation that sent men to the Moon and the "Average Joe" into comfort rivalling Versailles?

Madness and Ruin are swift vultures.

Mr roT said...

Progress, even in the direction of dissolution, seems to be accelerating. When I started grad school in Physics, I took QFT and the prof for that course was a fairly famous guy named Michael Duff. GR was taught me by another extremely smaat guy, Christopher Pope. In other words, though there were horses tied up outside the physics department, our profs were first-rate. Both were excellent as teachers, incidentally, and only Duff was (super) arrogant

Sheldon Glashow was a regular visitor to the department and I attended some talks of his. When someone sitting in the audience of Glashow's lecture asked about Higgs' boson, Glashow erased a mess of his Feynman diagrams off the chalkboard and quickly sketched a pretty good drawing of a toilet. He said with some edge in his voice, "This is what I think of the Higgs boson." Glashow had just gotten his Nobel in that week, incidentally. We in the audience laughed obediently, following the imam and herd. It is a pleasant surprise that we were all fucking wrong and it sure seems that the toilet is a good one to believe in.
Funny how wrong one can be about the world he lives in.