Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taranto tears a new one to Bloomberg


Mr roT said...

The art of the gaffe progresses by leaps and bounds.
First, Scrobama says that the IRS wrote all my papers and now Bloombarf has brought the civil order of Ethiopia to the Big Apple.
We are so screwed.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Herr Rott, we have the grace that draws from time, and mathematics, and the stars. They, at least, have made life worth living.

Mr roT said...

AA, in spite of the fact that you have probably just written down the most beautiful sentence ever on FCP, I think we need some sort of convex hull of pure math (e.g. CDs, yawn) and gawking at hot balls of gas (your porn models) or life is a room that's too empty and has few toys and no girls.
I posit that the convex hull of those CDs and gas ballscontains a lot of Physicks and perhaps some biology. In other words, we have something to talk about rather than just blathering on about useful tools to analyze Nature in a detailed way and staring slack-jawed and drooling at shiny dots in the sky.

You may now lash yourself like a musselman on Muharram and add a halal VCP to your debt to roT, as tutoring by the contemporary Aristotle is not free.

I only hope that you do not attempt to phagocytose some probabilistic heresies into this true Religion. We have an executioner, always ready, to discourage that.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Ah, offer Herr "Aristotle" Rott mathematics and the stars, and he counteroffers something about physicky phagocyting your biology.

That's probably kinda discouraging