Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pepean utopia is upon us


Arelcao Akleos said...

Yup. Already the Tufts health plan I'm consigned to has had to replace many hundreds of doctors who are "retiring" [actually retiring, or moving to a pure cash basis for a Charleyesque clientele]. Who have they replaced them with? Physicians Assistants, Osteopaths [like the one I'm stuck with], and 'Nurse Practioners'. The last two times I went to the fine "medica" I had to patiently explain the medicine which had escaped her training or curiosity. And this is at a major hospital which is said to rank only behind Mass General here in The Hub.
Fucking pathetic.

Tecumseh said...

It's called regression to the mean, AA. The US health system used to be da best in the world. No more. We're fast sinking to the level of GB. What's the next stop?

As for concrete examples, I used to be able to schedule my annual checkup one or two months in advance. Now it takes about 16-18 months to do it. As a result, I no longer have the annual exam once a year, since I can't deal with such long lead times. It's more like, once every two years. Frigging thirld-worldish, if you ask me.

Of course, once the shit tacos Pepe so lovely promised us all before he decamped to greener pastures take full effect, I'll probably have to forget altogether about such niceties as regular checkups.

Thanks for nothing, Charly.

Mr roT said...

Pussies. Homeopathic practitioners are economical because they don't gouge the patient like a criminal with a knife to a victim's neck. Capitalism and the worship of the god Money are to blame.

Arelcao Akleos said...

Replacing doctors with homeopaths is not cheaper for the patients [the cost of insurance since Romneycare got cracking some 5 years ago has more than doubed], nor the system. But whoever gets to be the bureaucrat or crony of the politico in this New Order is making out like Pepe in a pool of Kaylas.

Mr roT said...

Making out like Pepe in a pool of Kaylas.
AA, I'll go down to my neurosurgeon's office and see if he'll excise that image from my brain.