Sunday, July 29, 2012

Of course, Charly also doesn't know what the capital of Taiwan is


Arelcao Akleos said...

He knows that by the Party Line it is Forbidden for him to know that City.
But he knows it is somewhere above the Tropic of Cancer but below the Sea of Japan, and somewhere west of Guam but east of the Pescadores. Let his friends with United Bamboo draw him in with a ferrari or a trigendered courtesan and no doubt Charly can pin down that elusive city a bit more precisely.

Mr roT said...

Tel Aviv or something. This article is useful in that those that remember Rumpme as a squishy Massachusetts socialism-monkey with his own try at Obamacare. As unforgivable, easily from the straight ticket as Roberts', but much more dangerous. Roberts' failure is in not destroying Obamacare by fiat, but to be fair, we don't have fiat in the USA since it makes no sense on a rough reading of the Constitution.
Romney established Obamacare nice and legal and there is a real danger that newly retarded US citizens will love Big Brother and so the only to rescind that abortion, which is a usurpation of power just as clear as the appointment of a dictator and the suspension of the Republic is again by fiat.
On Drudge today it has organized a suspension of the Republic down to the brand name which which Obama's paramilitary, which by sheer coincidence is choice of citizen-suppression military gear chosen by Obama and his tragically and hilariously enough a brand called "Centurion." Those were the guys that killed the Republic and brought on the permanent Empire.