Monday, July 23, 2012

Taranto wakes up

I had just about given up on da man. (1st item.)


Tecumseh said...

Duh. That was a great Taranto column, but it happened, like, eons ago. What theorems did he prove lately?

Mr roT said...

With this column, he provides enough of just the right rope for you to hang your supercilious self with, for example.

To wit, who at your age uses "like" as you do in your comment. I thought till now that such usage was limited to cute but not very smart high school girls.

Shame on you, grammar and correct language guru and Safire-on-the-Charles word snob!

Incidentally, did I mention "Powwww!"?

Tecumseh said...

It's a figure of style, also known as poetic license: a way for me to keep forever young. I thought you'd appreciate that.

Mr roT said...

You think too highly of me somehow.
On that intuition, I propose that I also as recreation take the syrup of ipecac.