Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Proof that Govt is What Makes America Great

Now THAT is Yankee KnowHow, Dimitri.
16 Trillion waddya Get? Another Day older another day's Debt.


Mr roT said...

Sen. Coburn said he wanted to use his home state of Oklahoma as a case study for job training programs throughout the nation. Poor people used as lab rats and then killed off with no new knowledge. Sounds a lot like grad school, but my assistantship didn't hand me $76k to drink with Tecs and pay all the time, as we all know is necessary. I had to pay for everything and walk to the university in sleet storms stark naked, only to have my advisor beat me with a broken bottle when I got to his office. But like the guy in Monty Python's Meaning of Life, we were happy.

Tecumseh said...

Where did that urban legend that you paid for my drinks "all the time" originate from? You musta bought me a beer or two at some point, and then expanded the legend from there? Besides, this must have happened after you got a job, so you were rich as Croesus.