Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pay up, buddy!

The Obama/Warren view is a warrant for socialization of the proceeds of success. Behind its faux sophistication is a faculty-lounge disdain for business, and all those who make more than tenured professors by excelling at it. Behind its smiley we’re-all-in-it-together façade is a frank demand: You owe us.


Tecumseh said...

Chicago rube gets rubbed the wrong way.

Mr roT said...

That's a powerful piece. Reminds me of my grandfather, He worked himself to death to provide medicines to everyone, those who could pay and those who couldn't. Decades after he passed on, people would pass by his drug store, which my dad took over, to thank our whole family for his generosity and medical advice.

He saved many lives during some kind of epidemic, which my father remembers, and for that, people considered him a hero then, myself included. Everyone spoke to me when I was a kid about what a great man my grandfather was. He had got to upper middle class by the end of his life and sent his two sons to university; one to MIT. In tiny town South Texas, this was an exceedingly rare destination, even much later, when I was coming up. E.g., I sure could not go there.
Also, he was first violinist in the local orchestra which was a pro outfit that got plenty of serious musicians from Northern Mexico and up to San Antonio as well as extreme South Texas.
It was like growing up in New York or something he was so cultivated.
I still miss him now, 40 years after he left us.

Tecumseh said...

That's a beautiful story. You have a pic of your grandfather to share?